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TASO Adolescent and Youth peer leaders at the Y+ Summit in Kampala

The 2nd Y+ summit was held on 18th  to 20th  March 2018 at Nob View Hotel in Ntinda under the theme s “Confronting HIV with Bold Steps”.
The Y+ Summit is a meeting that involves young peer leaders and peer ambassadors from different parts of Uganda who come together to discuss the key challenges they face as young people living and supporting people living with HIV and how to overcome such problems.The summit had representatives from over 10 organizations that are united in the struggle to put an end to the HIV epidemic by 2030. Some of the organisations represented included; Mildmay Uganda, Baylor Uganda, Joint Clinic Research Center, Reach a hand Uganda, Reach Out Mbuya and TASO among others.
Day One was a day for interaction between young people from all walks of life. Among those who addressed the participants was Mr. Ideal who encouraged young people to know what they want and have the zeal to fight for it. He advised young people to always live in a clean environment in order to a…
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A few tips on how to write a success story for TASO

Some tips on how to write a good Success Story. The story should be short. Maximum one and a half pagesThink about what makes the story interesting. Is the topic interesting? Would you read it if you did not know about TASO? It could be on Gender Based Violence, Tuberculosis, youth and HIV and many others.Include quotations from the interviewee/ what they said in their own words.Use minimal technical language, abbreviations and acronyms unless you have defined them clearly. This is especially so if the document is going to be shared outside TASO. Focus on results or the Impact the intervention or treatment or service had on the client, their family, their community and also the country at large.Include photos with written consent. The photo should be active or show action e.g. a person being tested for HIV, a Community Drug Distribution Point with a counselor carrying out a counseling session. A client right after they have received their drugs. A group discussion showing male engagem…

Answers to your questions about employment/volunteering/internship and training in TASO

1.How can I get a job with TASO? Job opportunities in TASO are advertised externally through the local media /social media /website and internally on our notice boards. It is important that you visit our TASO website periodically to check out the new updates/available job postings.
2.Do you call people to give them jobs? TASO invites qualified applicants to apply for job openings using our online platform https// and subsequently only shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews. Those who excel through our selection process are appointed. However, the appointment is subject to background checks to verify the person's credibility.
TASO does not call people who have not submitted an application letter and academic certificates for a job. Nor does it call those who submit their telephone numbers via social media.
3.Does TASO charge a fee for someone to get a job in any TASO unit? No. TASO does not charge any fee for…

How is TASO contributing towards the fight against Malaria in Uganda?

1.TASO provides malaria tests for its clients at all its Centers of Excellence in Entebbe, Gulu, Jinja, Masaka, Masindi, Mbale, Mbarara, Mulago, Rukungiri, Soroti and Tororo. 2.TASO was awarded another funding opportunity by the Global Fund making it the 2nd Principle Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for the period 2018—2020 to implement malaria interventions. This work is managed through the TASO Grants Management Unit (GMU) which supports the National Control Programme towards realization of the goals of the Uganda Malaria Reduction Strategic Plan (UMRSP). Under the new funding, malaria activities implemented by TASO include:· Community interventions such as the malaria component of the Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) for children under the age of 5 Trainings for cadres at different levels to ensure quality ICCM service deliveryTraining of Private for Profit (PFP) sector in the Integrated Management of Malaria and routine Health M…

TASO is proud to be part of the PEPFAR@15 commemoration.

This year PEPFAR will be commemorating 15 years of service.  The foundation for the TASO-PEPFAR was cemented on the day former US President George Bush visited TASO Entebbe in 2003 making TASO a beneficiary of PEPFAR funding for all the 15 years. This is therefore a major milestone in the history of TASO. 
Our very own Mohammed Kalyesubula and Agnes Nyamayarwo travelled all the way to the White House to give a face to TASO and complete its story to the American people. This was not the first time a TASO client was representing PLHIVs in Uganda. The pioneer was the late Olivia Nantongo in 1993.
Today the funding environment has changed, but TASO is still receiving PEPFAR funding even after two changes in American Presidents.
As part of the achievements, TASO submitted two entries for the PEPFAR Heroes Awards. These are awards given to health workers under PEPFAR funded programmes who go above and beyond just mere duty to ensure that the lives of their country men and women are improved.…

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision." --Andrew Carnegie

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision." --Andrew Carnegie
The TASO team is made up of first and foremost, the clients who are the reason for the organisation's continued existence. Secondly the Founder members who continue to provide guidance to the organisation, third the Board of Trustees for their advisory role and finally the staff and volunteers who implement the programmes. Each group plays a role in the TASO Family to ensure that targets are set and achieved throughout the year. 
TASO Founder members and the Board of Trustees play a vital role in ensuring that TASO is still in existence and still at the forefront of fighting against HIV and AIDS in Uganda. Every quarter they form a team that goes out to the different TASO units for support visits. 
In 2018, the first visit was conducted from the 18 to 22 February 2018, a team comprising of two founder members - Mama Maria Kakeeto Lukubo and Kojja Peter Ssebbanja, two Clients Representati…

TASO: A pioneer in ending the AIDS epidemic through 30 years of quality service delivery in Uganda.