A few tips on how to write a success story for TASO

Some tips on how to write a good Success Story.
  1. The story should be short. Maximum one and a half pages
  2. Think about what makes the story interesting. Is the topic interesting? Would you read it if you did not know about TASO? It could be on Gender Based Violence, Tuberculosis, youth and HIV and many others.
  3. Include quotations from the interviewee/ what they said in their own words.
  4. Use minimal technical language, abbreviations and acronyms unless you have defined them clearly. This is especially so if the document is going to be shared outside TASO. 
  5. Focus on results or the Impact the intervention or treatment or service had on the client, their family, their community and also the country at large.
  6. Include photos with written consent. The photo should be active or show action e.g. a person being tested for HIV, a Community Drug Distribution Point with a counselor carrying out a counseling session. A client right after they have received their drugs. A group discussion showing male engagement/adolescent engagement with active participants. Facial expressions are key. 
You can always send a draft to your communications and public relations team for more input and polishing. 


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