Answers to your questions about employment/volunteering/internship and training in TASO


1.    How can I get a job with TASO?
Job opportunities in TASO are advertised externally through the local media /social media /website and internally on our notice boards. It is important that you visit our TASO website periodically to check out the new updates/available job postings.

2.   Do you call people to give them jobs?
TASO invites qualified applicants to apply for job openings using our online platform https// and subsequently only shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews. Those who excel through our selection process are appointed. However, the appointment is subject to background checks to verify the person's credibility.

TASO does not call people who have not submitted an application letter and academic certificates for a job. Nor does it call those who submit their telephone numbers via social media.

3.   Does TASO charge a fee for someone to get a job in any TASO unit?
No. TASO does not charge any fee for someone to get a job. Our selection process is guided by policy and it is merit based. All procedures used during this process are audited to ensure compliance.

In case someone contacts you and demands a fee, please notify us immediately because this is an act of fraud.


4.   How can I volunteer with TASO?
You officially apply to TASO for a Volunteer Opportunity. Upon receipt, TASO will acknowledge receipt of your profile using the email address and place your profile in our Human Resources data bank. When an opportunity arises and there is need to temporarily fill a staffing gap, one may be called upon to fill the gap depending on the available position and the competency needed.

5.   Are volunteers paid?
Yes. If the Volunteer is needed to fill an identified staffing gap. The pay structure varies and is categorized under graduate and non graduate. However, a person may also apply for non-paid volunteer opportunities for experiential learning. However, once approved, non - paid volunteer may be requested to contribute a user fee.


6.  Do you take on students for internship?

7.   How is placement for internship done?
Interested students are advised to visit TASO College of Health Sciences (TACHS), formerly  TASO Training Centre, fill in the Internship form and attach a letter from their Institution. This should be done three months prior to commencement of the internship period.

A user fee of  Twenty thousand shillings only (20,000/=), being payment for utility bills, is charged per month, plus Ten thousand shillings only (10,000/=) as membership fee.


8.    What  courses does TASO have?
a. Diploma in HIV/AIDS Counseling
b. Diploma in Nursing 
c. Diploma in clinical  medicine & Community  Health,
d. Diploma in Palliative Care 
e. Diploma in Health Management 
f. Diploma in Public Health  
g. Diploma in Project Planning & Management 
h. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation,
i.  Diploma in Nutrition& Dietics 
j.  Diploma in Social Work & Social Admin
k. Diploma in Health Research & Biostatistics
l.  Certificate in HIV/AIDS Counseling
m. Certificate in Child& Adolescent Counseling
n.  Certificate in Gender Based Violence  
o.  Certificate in Key population programming
p.  Research methods for Health Care Professionals 
q.  Certificate in procurement, logistics & supply Chain Mgt
r.   Certificate of leadership &Mgt in Health         
s.   Certificate in Social Work &Social Admin
t.   Certificate of Finance Mgt for NGOs
u.  Certificate in Medical Records Mgt.,
v.  Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety Standard
w. Certificate in Trauma & Rehabilitation Counseling                                                       

9.     How can I apply?
Complete the application form which is available on our website;  or from our Centers Of Excellence (Soroti, Masaka, Entebbe, Masindi, Rukungiri, Gulu, Mbarara, Mulago, Jinja, Tororo and Mbale). You can print the application form, fill it out, scan and e-mail to or hand deliver it to TASO College of Health Sciences or at any of the Centres above.
Submit your application along with previous academic certificates.


10.How can I contribute towards fighting HIV in Uganda?

You can partner with TASO through the following ways;

a.   Membership - You do not have to be HIV positive to become a Subscriber Member. There are two major categories of membership - individual and Corporate membership. For details and benefits send an email to  mail@tasouganda.or or

b.  Global Fund - the TASO Grants Management Unit manages the funds of the Global Fund for the Non - Governmental/non Public sector. Through this it sub-grants funds to organisations to carry out service delivery in the areas of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. To become a sub recipient under the Global Fund, an organisation has to respond to a "Call" (an advert) usually placed in the New Vision or Monitor publications newspapers.

c.  Advocacy/Campaigns - these can be carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Uganda AIDS Commission and the Communication for Healthy Communities - Obulamu campaign. These campaigns target health days such as malaria day, tuberculosis day and the international World AIDS Day campaign. You can also join these campaigns by sharing information on the Social Media pages especially Facebook and Twitter.

d. TASO also partners with Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to handle different aspects of service delivery such as working with the elderly or key/priority populations. However, this is not a random selection. Partnership is carried after the CBOs have responded to a advert in the papers, have met the set criteria and a Memorandum of Understanding is signed.

Any other services like Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) for volunteers aged 15-29 years can be accessed by contacting TASO via the email


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