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How is TASO contributing towards the fight against Malaria in Uganda?

1. TASO provides malaria tests for its clients at all its Centers of Excellence in Entebbe, Gulu, Jinja, Masaka, Masindi, Mbale, Mbarara, Mulago, Rukungiri, Soroti and Tororo.
2. TASO was awarded another funding opportunity by the Global Fund making it the 2nd Principle Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for the period 2018—2020 to implement malaria interventions.
This work is managed through the TASO Grants Management Unit (GMU) which supports the National Control Programme towards realization of the goals of the Uganda Malaria Reduction Strategic Plan (UMRSP).
Under the new funding, malaria activities implemented by TASO include:·
  •  Community interventions such as the malaria component of the Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) for children under the age of 5 
  •  Trainings for cadres at different levels to ensure quality ICCM service delivery
  •  Training of Private for Profit (PFP) sector in the Integrated Management of Malaria and routine Health Management Information System reporting
  •  Support supervision activities together with technical teams from the district to PFP and ICCM providing health facilities
  •  Provision of routine Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets ( LLINs) in ANCs (Antenatal Clinics) and EPI (Expanded Programme for Immunization) clinics for PNFP (Private not for Profit) and Public health facilities.
  •  Various SBCC (Social and Behavioral Change Communication) interventions.

Can we eliminate Malaria in Uganda? Yes, by observing the following;
1. Sleep under an Insecticide Treated Mosquito every Night  EVERY NIGHT

2. Sleeping under a Mosquito net protects you, your family members and your unborn baby against Malaria.
3. Clear bushes, broken containers and stagnant water which are breeding sites for mosquitoes especially in this rainy season.
4. Test and treat for malaria within 24 hours of onset of symptom.

Let us work together to eliminate Malaria in Uganda


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