Can you donate a wheelchair to Nubuat - a client TASO Jinja?

Two years ago(2013), Nubuat was taken to TASO Jinja in critical condition and had to be enrolled immediately into care. She later got Tuberculosis and narrowly survived death. She became blind and also lost the use of her legs. Because she was unable to continue working, Nubuat lost her job at one of the Nursing schools. Right now she is living with her parents in the village. 

She has to use crutches to walk, but unfortunately the ones she has are not for her height. It would be so much better if she could get a wheel chair to enable her get around. Do you know of any places or organisations that can donate to Nubuat a wheelchair while TASO continues to monitor her health? 

Please contact TASO (U) Ltd on or post on our Facebook/Twitter pages. 

Thank you.


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