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TASO towards its Golden Jubilee

Sustainability and continued contribution to leadership in quality community based health services delivery plus elimination of HIV and AIDS, August 2014

The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) is a household name in Uganda. The Brand has been developed over the last 26 years out of the organisation's efforts to serve individuals, families and communities of people living with HIV and AIDS from the time when stigma and discrimination were still very high in the country.

TASO is an indigenous non profit organisation with 11 branches spread across Uganda, in Entebbe, Gulu, Jinja, Kampala, Masaka, Masindi, Mbale, Mbarara, Rukungiri, Soroti and Tororo. To date, TASO has touched lives of over 500,000 PLHIV in Uganda and countless others across the world. TASO's approach has been through the use of peer and community based approaches to service delivery.

TASO has reached out to the grassroots with services and is now expanding its focus beyond HIV and AIDS programming to Maternal Child Health, Non Communicable Diseases (Mental Health, Diabetes and Hypertension amongst others) as well as Malaria, TB and Community based and Health Systems Strengthening.

TASO owes its success to a number of factors including; the founding principles and values that focus on the clients, people like dedicated staff, our clients, development partners, corporate  entities and TASO members that have contributed generously to our resources over the years.  It also owes its success to a loyal clientele that continues to seek our services, a product that has generated our valuable brand - a community based service that offers quality services and involves beneficiaries, posterity through a supportive Government environment over the years; a loyal appreciative public, generous Donors and friends of TASO and successive strategic leadership through our governance at all levels, that have created a strong legacy over the years.

TASO has many success stories to share. Our wide range of beneficiaries has touching stories about their experiences and benefits through TASO support. You will be linked to a few of these stories. TASO is greatly appreciative to all her partners for the results registered over the years. In chronicling these stories, TASO seeks to showcase the synergy built and impact made in partnering towards changing lives and giving hope to people who otherwise would have had no chance to life. 

TASO seeks to further serve vulnerable populations by building strategic partnerships with our traditional donor partners; in addition to venturing into mobilising non-traditional resource mobilisation partners in and outside Uganda with non traditional partners. Reading the stories outlined on our website, we look forward to connecting with you and more partners that will commit to support this organisation in our next phase focusing on sustainability and continued quality service delivery to our clients. 

We particularly invite the Ugandan public and well wishers beyond our borders to partner with us for this noble cause aimed at positively impacting lives and empowering PLHIV.

If you would like to make any contribution or share ideas/skills towards this cause, kindly write to us on with the title "Partnering with TASO 4 Sustainability".


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