Exhibition on the History of HIV in Uganda

On 1st December 2018 - World AIDS Day , TASO together with the Ugandan Academy and Uganda AIDS Commission unveiled an exhibition on the History of HIV in Uganda at the Uganda Museum. The six months (June to December) project was funded by the Embassy of Ireland which hosted guests to a launch on 28 November 2018. The exhibition attracted over 2,000 visitors both national and international. Alongside the exhibition was a HIV Testing booth where the TASO Mulago team screened over 900 people for HIV. 

Due to its popularity, the Embassy of Ireland funded an extra month, Janaury, while the Uganda Museum offered free space for the same month. A mini version of the exhibition was on display during the 2nd Health Innovations Conference at the Serena Hotel, Kampala 19 and 20 March 2019. Currently, Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (KPI) has offered to pay the consortium to have the mini version displayed at its offices for a short period of time. 

A new funding proposal is being put together to make the exhibition mobile so that it can be taken to other parts of the country and possibly to an international conference. National Implementing Partners are also called upon to fund the mini exhibition if they are interested in having it on their premises for a short period.

Plans are underway for TASO to develop a museum in which the permanent exhibition will be displayed. A virtual museum will also be created so that all the history collected can still be made accessible to the public. 


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