Sharing TASO's contribution towards PEPFAR's success in Uganda

This year PEPFAR will be celebrating 15 years of service delivery globally. As part of the celebration, PEPFAR implementing partners were requested to share stories of clients who have benefitted from the PEPFAR programme. TASO was proud to submit two profiles both from the clients who represented TASO, Uganda and Africa at large in Washington in 2003 for the signing of what is PEPFAR today. Look out for the stories of Mohammed Kalyesubula and Agnes Nyamayarwo.

Also as part of the celebrations, a call was put out to share success stories of clients who have successfully been treated for Tuberculosis under PEPFAR funding. Once again TASO submitted two stories from Gulu and Jinja. Finally TASO submitted profiles of two candidates for the PEPFAR heroes Award. Fingers crossed that our candidates make it to the selection process. 

More about  the TASO/PEPFAR relationship can be found on the TASO Blog.


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